Flow (2012)

"Flow Effect Music" is an Alternative Folk project, made out of Flow – the human being, a guitar and Flow – the feeling (as a psychological defined effect describing the feeling of entire focus and full involvement in the process of an activity).

It is the frame in which a human being with a guitar sings, writes, plays and performes. With power in mind and melody in the heart nothing more or less is intended then: flow effect music


Starting with the alternative "indie" band Great Input, Folks in 2008, Flow played her first solo-show under the Name "Flow Effect" in 2011, followed by a studio recording in 2012 - release 2013. Since then plenty of live performances predominantley in the south of Germany (especially Freiburg). In 2015 a performance break took place until about mid of 2017.


                                            Great Input, Folks (2009)


sign in - mail  flow.effect@gmx.net

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